Clarification regarding uncertain class


I just have a small clarification. I was just training my model by uploading the data using the ‘Data Acquisition Tab’. After testing the model, I found out that a few samples were classified as ‘Uncertain’. My query is, I had given only 3 classes under the ‘Data Acquisition tab’ and my model was also trained for 3 classes only. But while testing I had an ‘Uncertain’ class added. Is the Uncertain class added by default and thus incrementing my number of classes to 4 or is Uncertain class only for understanding purpose and it is not added to the classes that I created (that is my number of classes still remains as 3)?


Hello @suburban-daredevil,

Under the model testing page, you can set the confidence threshold you need.
By default it should be around 0.7 or 0.8.

If your value is below that confidence score, it will output uncertain. It won’t have an impact on your number of classes.



Hey @louis

Thanks for the clarification. Really appreciate it!

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