Choosing which camera the model should use

Hi Guys!
I am currently working on a project that includes running multiple models on the same raspberry pi.
more than 1 camera would be connected to the Pi and more than one model would be running…each model requires one camera.
So basically, if am running 2 models with 2 different cameras(2 USB cameras), how do I choose which camera each model should use.

Adarsh JK


So underneath Edge Impulse Linux models are self-contained binaries.
This means that you can wrap your two models in a script and choose the camera you want for each models.
You can have a look at our Linux SDKs for examples:
We only use one model but you can modify it with something similar to this:

runner_1 = ImpulseRunner(model_path_1)
runner_2 = ImpulseRunner(model_path_2)

Feel free to share your code here with the community once you have something running, it might interest other users :wink:



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