Chemical Sensing for Safer Environments with NevadaNano and Machine Learning

Developers of air-monitoring equipment now have a new core technology to deploy for detecting dangerous conditions. These conditions include methane gas from industrial operations, heavily legislated refrigerant gases, and flammable gas exposure of industrial workers or first responders. NevadaNano has continuously improved and delivered new versions of its Molecular Property Spectrometer (MPS™) MEMS-based chemical sensing platform. MPS is a platform for safety and environmental monitoring that enables next-generation sensor upgrades with the latest firmware on the embedded ARM® Cortex® M4F based MCU from STMicroelectronics. However, much of the design of new features for a product launch involves a tremendous amount of data collection, reduction, and analysis. The data also needs to be stored for future work and periodic quality assurance testing. We have to maintain data used for design and calibration and save data sets for testing. Our data collection and management system are a key to our success, and tools such as Edge Impulse take on the heavy lifting for us.

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