Changing sampling frequency in EI base firmware


I wanted to know if I can change the sampling frequency for the inertial measurement unit in the edge impulse firmware for silabs xG24 board. I see the sensor can operate at 4000Hz max. However, the maximum available frequency in the edge impulse studio is 100hz.


Where do you see this limitation of 100hz?

I was able to train the default inertial EI IMU tutorial with an Impulse with 4000hz.


Please advise.

Hello @pratyush,

The sampling frequencies in the official firmware are defined here if I am not mistaken.

@mateusz maybe you can provide more insights?



Hi @pratyush
Yes, this is the place where you can change and add new pre-defined frequencies. If you have any issues, feel free to reach out to me here or on Slack.

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@louis When you refer to official firmware is this also the firmware options in the Studio on the Deployment page referred to as ready-to-go binary?


They are actually two things in the official firmwares:

  • The ingestion part - to be able to collect data using the board and connect it directly to EI studio
  • The inference part - by default running one of our tutorial model, it depends on the board capabilities

I believe @pratyush was referring to the ingestion part.



Hi All,

I was referring to the official ingestion firmware. The edge impulse readme file in the xG24 repository needs an update. So far, I have tried all the possible options to build firmware; however, I keep getting bumped into some dependency errors.

I hope to use the simplicity studio to build the firmware using the guide. Some of the placement of the buttons have been changed to what has been mentioned in the guide. Will update once I have successfully built the firmware. Currently dealing with missing header file errors in the IDE:

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@pratyush I also get dependency errors when trying to build the firmware and have not been successful in it. Kindly let me know if you have any success, I’ll do likewise.
@mateusz You earlier mentioned about rolling out an update, do you have any news on this?

@pratyush @ThomasVikstrom
It is still in progress. Sorry for the delay :frowning:
If that is urgent, you can eventually add all the sources to Simplicity Studio manually.

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Any update on this? I tried manually, but there are a lot of files.

Hi @louis,

I did try changing the sampling frequency value here to 1000hz and built it using the docker.
However, when trying to capture data in the studio, the firmware runs into the following error:

Hello @pratyush,

What is the output when you run AT+CONFIG? or AT+SENSORS? ?

Also can you check what is the output of AT+SAMPLESTART=your-accelerometer