Change keyword group?

I am using an arduino nano 33 ble sense and In a nutshell, I want the program to try to match only a small number of keywords and then when a certain keyword is matched, I want the program to try to match another group of keywords. For example:
Having a group of keywords like this:
no: 0.02344
noise: 0.00000
unknown: 0.01823
yes: 0.95443
If the keyword “yes” is said then the program would no longer be trying to recognize the group of previous keywords, but a group of keywords like this:

keyword1 :
keyword2 :

Is it possible to do something like this?
Sorry if my English was not the best.

Hello @buyWinrar,

This is possible using the linux sdk but it is not currently possible using the C++ library on the targets.
For the linux SDK, you just have to load your two models and run one after the other depending on the previous keyword.



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So there is nothing to do if I am using the arduino library in my nano 33 ble sense?

You could create a single project with all your keywords and add some logic on your device, ie only “yes”, “no” keywords can be detected first, and your other keywords then.