Can't reconnect Arduino nano to edge impulse

I’m trying to connect my Arduino nano BLE to the edge impulse platform and I get the following on command prompt but the device does not show up in devices on the platform.
Please help.

Hi @AashiDutt could be that the board is connected to a different project, if you update the CLI it’ll print the project name.

To connect to a new project run:

$ edge-impulse-daemon --clean
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Thanks @janjongboom, I guess the CLI just needed some update :smile:

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Also, does Edge Impulse support the OpenMV M7 board?


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I have this one with me.

@AashiDutt Edge Impulse has complete pipeline support for OpenMV CAM H7 Plus (including connecting it using EI CLI)…however you can even run EI on across all OpenMV Cams using the OpenMV Python script that you get from the Deployment page. But the amount of chances of being able to run high-end models onto the M7 is pretty low. I would suggest to use either a lower model or go for getting in hands on the H7 Plus!


Hi @arijit_das_student thanks for sharing, I’ll try to get my hands on H7 Plus.

@arijit_das_student @AashiDutt Note that we now have MobileNetV1 models added that are smaller, and are a good choice on the OpenMV Cam H7 without having to resort to very small models.

Oh nice…that’s great…thanks for the update Jan! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing @janjongboom. Will give it a try soon :slight_smile: