Can't import yolov8 model to EI

Hi there,
I just converted yolov8n (.pt) model into (.tflite) with the int8 and deploy on EI but I got the error

" Expected output shape to have 3 dimensions for FOMO". I tried other options as well but none seems to work. Also I don’t see Yolov8 option there in EI, it only Yolov5, Yolov7 & YolovX.

I intend to use this object detection model on OpenMV, and since OpenMV doesn’t support Yolo so I’m trying to import yolov8n to EI to test and validate and export as tflite model targetted for OpenMV. but I’m stuck at very first step itself.

Appreciate your time and assistance

Hi @aqueel.saifi

YOLOv8 is no directly directly supported, you can explore BYOM or Nvidia TAO to import other exotic model variations: