Can't download deployment firmware

Hello, when finished training the model, I tried to build firmware in development tab. But the browser return “Invalid character in header content [“Content-Disposition”]” error, when the building is finished. I use Chrome, and tried to change other browsers yet get the same error.Snipaste_2020-09-26_19-15-59|690x274

@KXCY I’m not behind a computer right now but my bet is that your project name contains Chinese characters and that we don’t handle this properly when writing the header (the project name is part of the file name we send). Could you change your project name to something with only ASCII characters and try again?

Will do a proper investigation when back in the office.

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Wow, thanks. :+1: Yes, I used Chinese as the project name, and it works when change into English.

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@KCXY this has now been resolved! 谢谢!