Can't deploy the library for Sony Spresense with audio data

I am trying to create the library for Sony spresense with audio data and something is wrong. Below I show you details:

  • I have managed to flash the Sony Spresense board without problems - OK
  • I have created my project called sony-voice-commands - OK
  • I have connected the board to the project using edge-impule-daemon - OK
  • I have captured enough training and test data - OK
  • I have implemented and tested my Audio model (MFCC) and NN Classifier - OK
  • Does the Deployment section work properly? - NO
  1. If I select to create the arduino library, I downloaded codes for accelerometer, camera and microphone of the Arduino 33 ble sense and/or Portenta H7 boards but not for SONY Spresense.
  2. The static_buffer code I got compiled and uploaded to my Sony Spresense board, however the serial port show me a message that I dont understand: “The size of your ‘features’ array is not correct. Expected 16000 items, but had 0”
  3. If I select build firmware, the downloaded file is for an accelerometer.
    error 2

Whats going on?

Kind regards.

Hi @guillengap,

Our Spresense support uses the Sony Spresense SDK and not the Arduino framework. It leverages nuttX for better performances.
You can follow our tutorial here on how to build your project: On your Spresense by Sony development board - Edge Impulse Documentation.


Hi @aurel I did it! My project works! … I will post my full project in the “Spresense Developer Challenge 2022 with Sony” challenge.

Kind regards


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