Can't connect nicla voice by WebUSB

Hi, are some day that i try to connect my nicla voice module to edge impulse,
I have not been able to install the cli part because of various errors I receive which I have not been able to resolve, I am trying to use the webusb functions with both Chrome and Edge but have problems with these as well.
The Nicla board connects correctly to the Arduino IDE and I can send the Alexa schetck, for example, but when I try to connect it to Edge Impulse I get a connection error but I don’t understand why.
Some a little help?

(“Accoppiato” means 'Paired").

2023-11-11 14_52_11-Syntiant-RC-Go-Stop Nicla - Data acquisition - Edge Impulse e altre 6 pagine - P

2023-11-11 14_54_36-Firmware _ Arduino IDE 2.2.1

Hello @PaoloFi,

You need to download and flash the Edge Impulse firmware first.
Here is the documentation link:



Thanks for your reply, I’ll try it.