Can't connect nicla voice by WebUSB

Hi, are some day that i try to connect my nicla voice module to edge impulse,
I have not been able to install the cli part because of various errors I receive which I have not been able to resolve, I am trying to use the webusb functions with both Chrome and Edge but have problems with these as well.
The Nicla board connects correctly to the Arduino IDE and I can send the Alexa schetck, for example, but when I try to connect it to Edge Impulse I get a connection error but I don’t understand why.
Some a little help?

(“Accoppiato” means 'Paired").

2023-11-11 14_52_11-Syntiant-RC-Go-Stop Nicla - Data acquisition - Edge Impulse e altre 6 pagine - P

2023-11-11 14_54_36-Firmware _ Arduino IDE 2.2.1

Hello @PaoloFi,

You need to download and flash the Edge Impulse firmware first.
Here is the documentation link:



Thanks for your reply, I’ll try it.


I’ve installed the required firmware. But got the same issue. As well the LED on the board is always red.
Here is the screenshot:

Please let me know how can I troubleshoot it?