Cant connect arduino NANO 33 ble sense to edge impulse?

I have downloaded the arduino CDI, the edge CDI and have followed the steps with installing firmware etc. However when i enter edge-impulse-daemon, i am getting this error message

Try following this…it seems you haven’t yet installed node.

Hello, thank you for the response, i have followed the steps and installed and reinstalled the node numerous times but for some reason it still wont work.

  • Perhaps uninstall node, cold boot, re-install node.
  • Perhaps create a Python VM so you are isolated from all other Python libraries (did I say Python library hell)

At this point please search this forum for node. There are so many issues when running node on Windows.

I know this may not be a feasable option for you financially speaking but running node, Python, etc. is so, so, so much easier on Ubuntu. * * * It just works! * * * So if possible go buy a external SSD or flash drive and install a bootable version of Ubuntu on it. When booting your computer click F2, or F10 or DEL or whatever key your computer manufacture wants and get to the boot options menu and select your external drive.

I was able to buy a 500G NVMe for $60 at Walmart of all places. The unit came with a USB A carrier that the NVMe clips into. This option seems faster than some of my flash drives with bootable Ubuntu on it. This option is like a physical implementation of Docker Containers that I can carry and run anywhere so long as I can get to the boot options menu. Docker be damd:)