Can not run AT+RUNIMPULSE from nRF Connect application on the Nordic Thingy:53

Hi Edge Impulse community,

Could you please help me how to correctly send AT+RUNIMPULSE command from the nRF Connect iOS application, so I can see the inferencing output in the iOS application?

Thanks a lot in advance!

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Hi @shakhizat,

The AT commands can be run through the serial port only.
The Thingy53 is shipped with an Edge Impulse firmware, supporting sending commands through BLE with the Nordic nRF Edge Impulse app (available on iOS and Android).
Once you’ve downloaded the app, you can display inferencing results in the app as seen in our documentation.


Hi @aurel,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Let me explain it more correctly. I was trying to implement the same approach what was explained here ( I am aware about that I can use nRF Edge Impulse app. But in my case, I want to send the inference result to another development board using BLE services. Connect Nordic Thingy53 with Wio Terminal for example. Could you please advise me how I can do it?

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