Can not change the label name for multiple images

Hi Edge Impulse community,

If I am not mistaken and my browser is working correctly, I wanted to inform that when I am trying to change the label name for multiple images, it can not be changed. It reverts back to the previous name. It is possible to change it only by doing one by one and clicking Edit labels button on every image.

  1. After clicking Edit label in order to change to any string, It changes it successfully with popup message, but after refreshing it reverts back

Hope it helps to improve the functionality. Thanks in advance for your support!

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Hi @shakhizat,

Just to confirm are you working on an object detection model? We have an issue opened on this topic that should be resolved soon.


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Hi @aurel,

Thanks for your reply.

Yeap, I am working on an object detection model. Roger that. I’ve already managed to label it one by one. That’s was a time consuming task, but not a big deal.

Case can be closed.

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