Can I use Python SDK to make model for OpenMV?

Today, I saw that you have released the Python SDK, so I would like to ask if it can be used to train object detection models for OpenMV H7 Plus?


Hi @HaoLeng

Thanks for the interest!

The Python SDK, can be used to generate the C++ Lib, but you will be using the C++ Lib to build your project. Please see the BYOM doc for more info.



I saw the ouput of ei.model.list_deployment_targets() in that document has the item openmv, but when I set the target , I got the error output Could not deploy: deploy_target: [openmv] not in[....]
and I wonder how to convert the model to int8_tflite and labels.txt ,please give me some suggestion.

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I have the same problem. I’m trying to use “openmv-fw” as my deploy_target, but then getting the message: deploy_target: [openmv-fw] not in[…]. But “openmv-fw” does appear when listing the available profile target devices with:


Hello @baarratia @HaoLeng,

There is indeed a bug. Our core engineering team has been notified. We’re working on adding the support.



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Hi, thanks for the reply.
I just checked again, and now “openmv-fw” is not available when listing the deployment targets. Is there any timeline or plans to support it in the Python SDK? I’m really interested in testing it.


Hello @baarratia,

I’m checking internally. We have an internal ticket about this issue but I don’t have any ETA for now.



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