Can I run image recognition on openmv H7?

Hi,Is it possible to realize image recognition on the hardware of openmv H7 without plus?

Hi @wangfan123,

It will work, you may need to choose a smaller MobileNet model (0.1 or 0.05) and convert to grayscale. Here’s a good tutorial on running image recognition on the H7:


And make sure to make your image size smaller, e.g. 48x48 on the Create impulse screen.

thank you, :smiley:,i will try it

Thank you very much. I’ll try it.

ok, thank you,I will pay attention to that

Hi @aurel,

I have to build an object recognition application. The goal is to detect the nature of an object given an image (metal, cartoon, glass, paper, plastic).
I have a openmv H7 (without plus).
I got a labeled dataset of labeled pictures. There are 5 classes (metal, cartoon, glass, paper, plastic).
Is it possible to import this labeled dataset in Edge impulse ?
More generally is it possible to build this object recognition application with the openmv H7 thanks to Edge Impulse ? Can you share some resource(s) to achieve this task ?

Thank you,



Hi @krukiou,

You should be able to run your model on the OpenMV H7, please check out this thread: OpenMV H7 Memory Error:Out of Fast Frame Buffer Stack Memory

Also, to upload your labeled image on the studio, you can use either the online uploader or the cli (edge-impulse-uploader). Please see our documentation on this topic:



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HI @louis,

Thank you for your reply !
I will try your suggestions…



Hi @louis,

Excellent ! I did deploy my model on the device : It perfectly worked !
Now I have to find the best model…

Once again thank you for your advices !