Camera feed issue with the M5Stack ESP32 board

Hi Edge Impulse community,

I encountered below issue with the ESP32 based M5stack(m5-docs).I can not manage to see a camera feed.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello @shakhizat,

Which camera are you using?
Did you change the camera header when recompiling the default firmware?



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Hi @louis,

Thanks for you reply.

I am using ESP32 Camera Module Development Board (OV2640) by M5stack.

Yeap, I did it by commenting out #define CAMERA_MODEL_ESP_EYE line in the ei_camera.h file, then adding #define CAMERA_MODEL_M5STACK_ESP32CAM, and finally recompiled and flashed it.

@AIWintermuteAI any idea about @shakhizat issue?

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So, according to the link I found here

the example code for this camera module is

and I see they have the following define
I cannot confirm if it is correct, since I do not have the board. But following the docs and examples for the board is the way to go here.

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