C++ library file extension

Is there any way to generate C++ library with *.cpp file extension instead of *.cc? Actually some preconfigured toolchain IDE (for example, ModusToolBox) does not allow *.cc files and I always have to rename all files to *.cpp.

hi, which files are you specifically referring to?

find edge-impulse-sdk/tensorflow -name “*.cc”

@naveen you could export as Arduino library and add the src/ directory maybe. It has everything renamed to cpp already.

Thanks @janjongboom for letting me know.
Right now I just have to run the command below in the generated C++ library:

find  edge-impulse-sdk/tensorflow  -name '*.cc' -exec sh -c 'mv "$0" "${0%.cc}.cpp"' {}  \;

It is a bit inconvenient but does the job.

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