C++ deployment error in ML model in vs code

why do I get this error?? I have done exactly as the instructions said

Did you add the SDK to the start in the includes? If there are problems following a specific step please share the step and guide.

If you want to try following Shawns video tutorial it may help clarify some steps:

These are some of the most common pitfalls, and how to debug them:

If you did and its another error like a mismatch between the expected size of the input buffer (EI_CLASSIFIER_DSP_INPUT_FRAME_SIZE ) and the actual size of the data (buf_len ) you’re trying to process. Before calling the inference function (run_classifier ), add debug prints to confirm the length of your input buffer (buf_len ). This can help you verify that the data you are passing has the correct length.

Also make sure that EI_CLASSIFIER_DSP_INPUT_FRAME_SIZE is correctly defined and matches the expected input size for your model. This constant should represent the exact number of data points your model expects for a single inference. You can share a screenshot of your configuration on the Create Impulse page so others can confirm a misconfiguration.