C code example for inferencing model after importing silabs SLCC from edge impulse


I have train an generated a voice recognition model, after trying the generated binary from the tool and through edge-impulse-cli, I have generated the library code as a Silabs Component (.slcc) and imported that compennt in one of my simplicity studio project. I fixed different build issue and now the code is compiling.

Question: What function / API should I call from my main task (FreeRTOS) to run the inference and detect the keyword triggered by the model ?

hardware: xg24-dev-kit
setup: mac


I have found this repo GitHub - edgeimpulse/example-standalone-inferencing-silabs.
Which I succeded to build and flash. Follwing that I noticed a comment in the main.cpp file, where I need to fill “fetures” from “Model Testing Page”. But I do not see any feature information to copy from this page: Can someone tell me what is referenced in this comment and what value should I put in this table ?

// Raw features copied from test sample
static const float features[] = {
    // Copy raw features here (e.g. from the 'Model testing' page)

Note it is also not clear to me how the input data from the microphone need to be passed to the model.

Hello @thleroy,

You can find it under the model testing page or live classification, see classify individual samples:

On the dark-blue card, you fill see the raw features, from there you can copy them.



Here I have an example on how to do with Arduino IDE but it’s the similar flow:

copy raw



Thank you. Next is to integrate all this at runtime on the embedded code on live data from the microphone embedded on silabs dev-kit. if you have usefull links for that I will be greaftull. Currently jumped on other tasks but as soon as I have some free times I will continue where I dropped.

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