Building the edge-impulse-sdk

Hello, I am trying to build my project with edge impulse sdk with the rasberry pi pico and I’m stuck with this error that says the ff:

  • cannot open source file “FreeRTOS.h”
  • FreeRTOS.h: No such file or directory
  • cannot open source file “task.h”

Heres the screenshot:

What do I do? Please help

Project ID:

Context/Use case:

Please refer to this issue for solution

The solution you posted worked but I still can’t build it due to some problems in the edge impulse sdk.
And I am following the example-standalone-inferencing-pico github page

Here is the screenshot:

Is it that the mbed.h is causing the problem? Because it says “Include file not found in browse.path” The others with yellow exclamation mark are just warnings i think. Please help.

Visual studio code sometimes gets lost - that is not the actual problem here. What is the build error?

Is this the build error?

Yes. The build error in this case is called “MS Windows” and you can solve it by using MacOS or Linux :slight_smile:
Jokes aside, while it is theoretically possible to compile RP2040 firmware/standalone example on Windows, we do not encourage that - internally we use either Linux or MacOS. It is for a good reason - the RP2040 docs are geared towards Linux development as well. Therefore,

  1. Have you followed all the steps outlined here? 9.2. Building on MS Windows
    If yes, can you compile and upload Blink or Hello worlds examples without errors?
  2. Regardless of your answer to 1, if you like Windows, I suggest you install WSL and connect remotely to it from VS Code. You’ll get much smoother developer experience this way than trying to work with C code in Windows.

Thanks for the answer

For number 1 yes I have compiled Blink and other examples without errors. I’ll try it on WSL instead.