Building Himax WE-I firmware from Docker errors

When trying to build the Himax WE-I firmware using Docker, I get this error message. I tried looking for the missing folder/file both on my local machine and the GitHub (linked below), but can not find it. Any ideas on what the issue might be / how to get this folder/file?

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Context/Use case:
We are trying to use the Himax WE-I to test custom image processing techniques. Because we are more focused on the signal processing side of things, we don’t have a use for the learning block of an Edge Impulse impulse.

So instead of going through Edge Impulse to create a learning block, flash it to board, etc., we are trying to edit the firmware (from GitHub - edgeimpulse/firmware-himax-we-i-plus: Ingestion & inferencing firmware for the HiMax WE 1 target). To build the firmware, we are using Docker to try to minimize issues with Cmake, dependencies, linkage, etc.

Hi @CollinHoffman

Thanks for reporting this, I’m checking with the embedded team to see if they have advice.

Interesting to see you are mainly using our DSP, can you give some more details on your usage? Thanks!



Hi Eoin,

The idea is to use signal processing to extract features from images captured by the Himax board to effectively store the image using much less data. This would be particularly useful for embedded applications with low data transfer rates, such as using satellite communications to transmit from remote locations.

That is why we are focusing on the DSP part of the board. We are basically trying to implement and test our algorithm on a low-powered camera board like the Himax to see how effective it is.



Hi @CollinHoffman
Thank you for reporting the issue. Indeed, there was an issue with some files not being deployed to the public repository.
It is fixed now. You can try again.

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