Building a serial communication between Esp32 cam module & Arduino by modifying Edge codes

**Question/Issue: Couldn’t fix the/edit the code to communicate!

**Project ID: 336309

**Context/Use case: So, I’ve created a model for object detection for my esp32 cam module from edge impulse, Now I want to modify this code for serial communication with my Arduino whether the module detect object or not. But I couldn’t fix the code according to my needs. If anyone kind enough to help!

Hi @Mamun2468,

After calling run_classifier() your inference results should be stored in an ei_impulse_result_bounding_box_t struct (documentation for that can be found here). You can see an example of this here.

You need to compare your bb.label to some threshold (e.g. bb.label > 0.6) to make sure that your model is confident in the bounding box class. Your bb.label will correspond to your object’s label. You can then use bb.x, bb.y, bb.width, bb.height to figure out where the object is in your image.