Build error on firmware-nrf52840-5340-dk using Zephyr


I´m trying to build the firmware-nrf52840-5340-dk using west on zephyr but getting errors.
The issue was already reported by someone else on GitHub:

I have tried with nRF Connect SDK v1.5.1 and 1.6.0-rc2, but getting same result.
Would be great if it would be fixed or a work around provided!

Hi @M435,

Thanks for reaching out. Following line in the prj.conf file needs to be removed when using Zephyr version > 2.4.


In the firmware-nrf52840-5340-dk repo on github, you can find it here:

We will update the repo on a short term to the newest Zephyr and NCS versions.



Thanks, that worked!

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Thanks @M435 we’ll update our Zephyr firmware & examples in the near future.

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