Build a Running Faucet Detector... Water You Waiting For?

We can all forget things from time to time which is perfectly normal, but as people grow older, or struggle through medical conditions like dementia, poor memory can become a real problem. Often when we think about the problems that occur in these situations, the big ones — like forgetting to take medications, or to eat regular meals — are what come to mind. But the more mundane, everyday tasks that are forgotten can also have a big impact on people’s lives. Consider turning off the faucet when you have finished with it, for example. There are dozens of opportunities for the elderly or infirmed to make this mistake in a typical day, and the result can be both costly and dangerous. According to the US EPA, leaving a faucet on for just five minutes wastes ten gallons of water. Further, if left unchecked, it could lead to water damage and a slipping hazard.

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Hi, The link to the faucet water detection is not working on Would love to see how the project works. I have tried this myself using Esp32 and external mic. It works well. But the issue is that there are too many false positives for sounds such as vacuum cleaner or high-speed fans or sometimes if you talked loudly.