Bug? Sampling failed

recorded some new accelerometer data following the tutorial here, on completion of recording I got the error below.


However the data is saved. Is this a bug?

OK this occurs after every recording. I am using Firefox

@robmarkcole, this error occurs when we try to instruct the device to start sampling, but the device closes the socket instead (there is a websocket open between device and remote management service), so switching browsers would not work…

How are you connecting to Edge Impulse, through serial or through WiFi? If the latter, could you keep a serial monitor open and paste the logs here? You can also reprovision the device and not configure WiFi via edge-impulse-daemon --clean and see if that makes a difference. That should be a quick workaround.

Also, could you share with me your project ID (in the URL when you have the studio open)? I can see if I see something weird in the remote management logs.

I get the same error at the end of each sample.error

Hm… very interesting. -3012 is an error thrown by the WiFi radio. But I understand that the file actually shows up from this?

Keeps repeating.

10 minutes of samples done now, the files show up.
Connection is lost after sampling (not always), had to refresh the browser a few times.

Thanks for the report @EVersteeg. I’ll try and see if I can find the root cause tomorrow!

Hi @janjongboom
most strange but today I am not getting the error. The ID is 294

Hi all, we’ve identified a potential fix for this issue, which will be rolled out today. We have some logic in the remote mgmt server that handles devices reconnecting (disconnect then connect again), and avoids sending a disconnect message when this happens. As I’m close to our data center and on a very fast line the disconnect / reconnect always happened very fast, but on connections that are further from our data center the connect message does not come in fast enough, triggering the disconnect message. We have upped the timeouts here and added some additional disconnect logging that hopefully fixes the issue!

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