Brainchip Akida project

Question/Issue: Is it possible to deploy an Edge Impulse project in Akida format for testing on the Brainchip MetaTF environment without having the PCI board? I have previously done a couple of the Brainchip tutorials using their MetaTF text environment which is setup on my PC

Project ID: To be developed, check before starting.

**Context/Use case:**Wanting to develop Object Detection model for Uni Project. I don’t have a Akida 1000 PCI board, but do have access to Jetson Nano if required.

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Hi @Bourko1

Hmmm interesting I don’t believe this is possible, let me check with one of the embedded team members though. :smiley:



Hi @Bourko1
If you are looking for the trained model in the fbz format, then just use MetaTF deployment in the studio:
In the downloaded archive, you can find akida_model.fbz file that you can use with the Akida Python library.
If you want to build EIM deployment with the model in simulation mode, then also use the MetaTF deployment and follow this instruction. To use the software simulation, you need to make a global define EI_CLASSIFIER_USE_AKIDA_SOFTWARE.

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