Automagically Transform Your CSV Files with the CSV Wizard!

Ingesting your data is important, and it needs to be self service. That’s why today we are announcing the Visual CSV import Wizard (CSV Wizard). 

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Hello, i hope you are good. When I upload data to CSV wizard where it goes and why I cannot see it in my data in dataset or any where else but in csv wizard it says
" You currently have an active CSV Wizard configuration. It was created using “wind_dataset.csv” (Today, 17:25:07).
CSV Files come in many shapes and forms. Start by uploading an example to get started:"
Any help how to use this active csv wizard configartion

Hi @LAsandhu,

Please see the guide here on how to use the CSV Wizard: CSV Wizard - Edge Impulse Documentation

When you upload a single CSV file through the Wizard, it creates a configuration in your project. You can overwrite that configuration by going through the wizard again. From there, you can upload the rest of your CSV files using the regular uploader, and it will follow the rules you have setup in the configuration.

I hope that helps!

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