Auto-generate documentation for labels and indexes

To figure out which index corresponds to which label in the generated library, I need to go into model-parameters/model_metadata.h (or print stuff out to the serial terminal). This is fine for most build systems, but can be a pain to track down in Arduino.

At least for Arduino, I’d like to request that the labels and their indices be printed somewhere in the comments of the example sketch(es) to help people know which index is which label.

@ShawnHymel would it help to just print the label with the value on stdout? That’s what we do on most targets (if you set debug to true it prints this on Arduino too), then if I need to react to labels I use strcmp() to find the one I need.

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@janjongboom I think that would work…I was just looking for something that could help people easily see the labels of the categories (even though, yes, they do appear in order on stdout).

@ShawnHymel, cool, will be done in the next release on Monday!

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