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I want to use the Edge Impulse Documentation for my paper. But for that I need an author (lastname) to quote things out of it. I can’t seem to find any author for the documentation. Can you provide one or more names that I can use for the quotations? Or is it enough if I write Edge Impulse?

I am not sure what style guide you are using but I would reference that first.

What I typically do is this (for example):

EdgeImpulse Inc. (2023). As a Generic C++ Library. Retrieved from: As a generic C++ library - Edge Impulse Documentation

For the year I will use the year I obtained the link. It amazes me that probably only 0.0000000001% of web pages will put the date that the article was written.

Also see the references at the end of this doc - Edge Impulse: An MLOps Platform for Tiny Machine Learning.



The way of referencing depends on the journal (IEEE, MDPI, …), so you need to check the guidelines.

But what I always include is the following paper:

Shawn Hymel; Colby Banbury; Daniel Situnayake; Alex Elium; Carl Ward; Mat Kelcey; Mathijs Baaijens; Mateusz Majchrzycki; Jenny Plunkett; David Tishler; Alessandro Grande; Louis Moreau; Dmitry Maslov; Artie Beavis; Jan Jongboom and Vijay Janapa Reddii. Edge Impulse: An MLOps Platform for Tiny Machine Learning, arXiv:2212.03332, Available online: [2212.03332] Edge Impulse: An MLOps Platform for Tiny Machine Learning (Last Accessed: February 6, 2023).

And if I refer to a specific part of the documentation, I do as shown in the example below:

Edge Impulse Data Acquisition Format, Available online: Data acquisition format - Edge Impulse API (Last Accessed: February 6, 2023).

I hope this will help.


Hello @Merten,

Good question, asking around internally but many employees participate to the documentation :slight_smile:



Until this point I just wrote Edge Impulse as author. I’m going to get feedback from my mentor about this soon. I’ll let you know what he said.
It would be great to have a few names that maybe did most of the work or something like that. Because it would be a struggle to mention all authors for each time I’m going to reference the documentation, which I will probably be doing a lot.

Hi @Merten,

The docs are written and revised by many different authors. We have have an internal repo where we can control versions and employees can perform pull requests. As a result, it’s difficult to know exactly who wrote what (without looking at exact commits). Most publications are OK with authorless sources. Here is one of the LaTeX sources that we used in our recent paper that points to a particular Edge Impulse doc page:

  title = {Edge Impulse for Linux},
  year = {2022},
  publisher = {EdgeImpulse, Inc.},
  url= {}
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A suggestion.

Weights & Biases asks to us this for citation How to cite Weights & Biases

title = {Experiment Tracking with Weights and Biases},
year = {2020},
note = {Software available from},
author = {Biewald, Lukas},

Maybe EI can do something similar. In this way, everyone reference to EI in the same consistent way.


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I’ve been told from my tutor now, that it should be enough to write “Edge Impulse Inc.” and use the “last modified” date. But still thanks

@Team isn’t the legal name “EdgeImpulse, Inc.” <–No space?

thanks for the hint. I’ll be using that instead