Audio with Accelerometer

Question/Issue: I want to ask you, if I can collect data using audio and accelerometer at the same time in smart phone ? and if yes…how ?

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Hello @Bayan_khalid,

Theoretically you could, but not the way we implemented it in the mobile client though, I’ll explain why.

Due to the sampling frequency, it probably won’t give interesting results.

Indeed, audio is usually sampled at 8, 16, (or more) kHz, IMU data are more in the range of 50 to 100Hz. For time-series projects, when you design your impulse in Edge Impulse, you need to have a constant frequency for all your axis. This means either you will loose almost all the interesting information that is contained in an audio sample (if you downsample) or you will have accelerometer data containing very little interesting information (if you upsample).

I hope that helps.



hello, you use two models separately on one device, maybe it will happen