Audio Classification

Hi! I am FYP student and I want to make the IoT device which can recognize the audio using ESP32 using the inmp441 microphone. I have trained the model using edge impulse and downloaded the model in arduino lib form. I have created the static buffer file.
NOW I want to connect my microphone and use the audio form my microphone and put it in array in static buffer. Kindly Provide me some help in this project.

Hi @abdullahkhan,

You will need to write your own microphone driver for the ESP32. Please see this thread for suggestions on how to do that: Edge Impulse Voice Recognition on Arduino 33 BLE with external Adafruit PDM Module

Hi @abdullahkhan,
you can also have a look at the following audio classification project: keyword detection with esp32-s3. The code should work with most I2S mems microphones.