Audio-based shower timer with a phone, Machine Learning and WebAssembly

The past years have brought us three really interesting things: 1) TensorFlow Lite, a portable runtime for neural networks aimed at running machine learning models on mobile devices. 2) Emscripten, a toolchain that can compile C and C++ applications into WebAssembly, making these applications available from any browser. 3) Access to many sensors straight from your mobile web browser. All these features are cool on their own, but together they enable something truly magical: classifying what happens in the real world straight from the browser. Let's put that in practice!

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Hi there,
I was wondering what type of file I should make I have been having trouble with my model. I also was wondering how I get hose settings on the updated UI.
Thank You,

Hi @TheeMakerBot What do you mean with ‘what ty pe of file’ you should make? Where do you get stuck?