Arduino Sketch stuck on compliing for edge impulse model

Hello, I’ve been using edge impulse to create a ML model which can detect movement i.e. left and right.

Device: Saeed Xiao BLE Sense

I’ve followed pretty much the same steps as this tutorial for the saeed Xiao BLE sense which goes through what they have done in EI to create a similar kind of thing : Motion Recognition based on Edge Impulse - Seeed Wiki

However, when I imported the zip library and ran the sketch, the arduino ide is stuck on ‘compiling sketch’ for my device.

Here is an image to show you exactly where it gets stuck:

Does anyone know what the issue might be? I’ve replied to this message showing the verbose output on the arduino ide (this is not the full message because the list goes on and one), hopefully this helps.

Thank You.


If this happens to anyone, just wait for about 10-15 mins, it eventually complies but takes a long time.


I have no experience with Seeed XIAO BLE Sense. But I had similar long compilation times with Arduino BLE sense and the nRF micro mod, especially on windows. I switch to PlatformIO IDE. Maybe you can give it a try. I think PlatformIO IDE supports Seeed XIAO BLE Sense.


Thanks Joeri,

I’ve had a look at that example and copied the format and again it could connect to bluetooth but could not do the inferencing properly. Maybe it’s a saeed xiao limitation that it cannot handle doing the edge impulse stuff and transmit data over bluetooth.