Arduino RP2040 connect X Edge Impulse = possible?

I use a lot the arduino 33 ble sense with Edge Impulse, however the lack of wifi makes it quite difficult to export the data somewhere else…

Do any of you have experience with the Arduino RP2040 Connect ? is it compatible with edge impulse scripts and libraries? How do achieve it?


Hi @fleurda,

Yes some users have been using the RP2040 with Edge Impulse, see this tutorial:

As it’s not an officially supported board, you can use the data forwarder to acquire data from the board.


Thanks! However i was more refering to the arduino connect 2040 device (arduino language), not the raspberry pico (micropython langage), and more the prediction part, not training.

I haven’t tried it myself but the libraries should work for the Arduino 2040, see:
There is an example sketch to run the inference.



Hi, after some testing it appears that most of the time the two devices can be flashed with the same firmware and behave similarly.

Some particular libraries are not compatible, or may trigger some warnings.

Hi Fleurda, were you able to get the RP2040 sensors to show up in for the device in Data Acquisition? I have used the Raspberry Pi RP2040 firmware, but the sensors do not show up. Thanks :slight_smile: