Arduino Portenta vision OLED and WiFi, need help

So I have the Arduino PortentaH7 with new supported Vision Impulse working with a Grayscale OLED here using the M7 1:1 M4 core settings, so next I tried getting an async WiFi webserver also connected. This time having to use the M7 1.5 : 0.5 M4 core settings, but I can either get the Wifi working or the Edge Impulse model. The Camera initialization seems to be killing it here. I will try a tighter version of the async WiFi tomorrow but does anyone else have any suggestions?

@rjames, @dansitu, @janjongboom, @aurel

My non-working code is at:


By the way, the best situation would be to have WiFi on the M4 core, and I have spent months researching ways to send data between the cores, but the M4 core running WiFi may take Arduino a while to get working.

I just saw some code that might help. Looks like the main loop checks to see if any threads are running. I should probably put my web server code in a thread.