Arduino Portenta PCB HD connectors

Not really an Edge Impulse issue, but anything connected with the Arduino Portenta could be useful for people doing Machine Learning on the Edge.

I am going to show my students some PCB design (not that I know much about it), and let them attach an SMD resistor or a through hole LED. I had help from ChrisTheDIYGuy from JLCPCB and have designed a shield for the PortentaH7 (opens up a few things not available on the main board).

Which students should be able to upload and change to what they want to make, adding surface mount or though hole components and soldering them.

I ordered 20 of these boards (without components) with shipping for $35 USD!

The only problem is the HD 80 pin connectors. I have friends who can solder them for my students, but that doesn’t really help the general public, and what about the more useful double connectors (Not on my design but on both sides of the board), so the board can be stackable like the Portenta Breakout board.

So does anyone know of a company that does dual side attachment of complex parts, or a DIY way to SMD attach complex parts to both sides of a board?

I kind of like the idea of epoxy gluing the HD connectors to both sides and then oven or hand soldering it to the board.

As I said, not really an Edge Impulse issue, but there might be someone here with some suggestions?