Arduino Nano 33 BLE speech detection from analog pin?

Hi everyone,

I am a new learner in TinyML. I was trying Arduino nano 33 BLE speech detection with the PDM on it. With the help of EDGE IMPULSE, this task becomes easy.
Now, I have a course project in which I want to do speech detection, but the data will be transferred into the analog pin on arduino, and the arduino should perform ML and shine LED. With the Firmware I got from using PDM on Arduino, how do I change the code for this task? I suppose I have to somehow replace the data/data buffer from imported from PDM to the analog pin?

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Hi @NianyuJiang

If you are a new learner may I suggest first following this course:

You will then want to work with our Arduino Library:



Hi Eoin,

Thanks for the advice! I found possible ways of how to do it. Appreciate your help,


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