Arduino nano 33 ble sense not working after flashing firmware

I added edge impulse firmware on my arduino nano 33 ble sense and it was working like a charm. But on the next day when I pluged my arduino nano 33 ble sense in my laptop, it was not turning on, but the VIN, 5V and 3.3v pins were working. What could be the reseon and how to fix?

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Welcome @Drone676!

Put the board into bootloader mode and try flashing again. hopefully that works otherwise If the board has a hardware failure, it might not boot up even with the correct power supply and firmware. Could it have been overloaded by a charger / battery attached?

  • Check Connections: Make sure that there are no short circuits or damaged components on the board.
  • Inspect the Board: Look for any visible signs of damage, such as burnt components or broken connections.

Feel free to post a picture here for inspection