Arduino Library with ESP32 WROOM


Absolutely loving Edge Impulse and its only been 24 hours since starting with it!

Coming from the Arduino and ESP world, it would be super if you could add the ability for an general ESP32 deployment, so we can interface our own sensors using standard libraries, such as I2S, I2C etc. Not just the ESP Eye.

At present, it seems I need to either learn the Espresiv IDF environment or move over to full C++, neither of which I would like to do right now.

My current need is using an ESP32 WROOM, with an I2S Microphone, replacing the PDM library.




Welcome to our forum @c.cooper we are delighted to hear you are enjoying Edge Impulse!

you can use the arduino library and work from there, you should find many expert network projects and posts on the forum Marcelo has a number of excellent tutorials on our projects and instructables you can follow to get started