Arduino Library for ESP32


Does edge impulse support Arduino library for ESP32?
I use Arduino IDE 1.8.19 with ESP32 board package so did deploy my model for Arduino library. I added the zip file to the library manager in the Arduino IDE and had to define absolute location for some header files. I try to compile the example code static buffer but get so many compile errors. list of a few of them as follows:

\edge-impulse-sdk\dsp\numpy_types.h:387:10: error: ‘function’ in namespace ‘std’ does not name a template type
std::function<int(size_t offset, size_t length, float *out_ptr)> get_data;

\edge-impulse-sdk\CMSIS\DSP\Include\arm_common_tables.h:75:51: error: size of array ‘twiddleCoefF64_2048’ is too large
extern const uint64_t twiddleCoefF64_2048[4096];

\edge-impulse-sdk\dsp\numpy.hpp: In static member function ‘static void ei::numpy::transpose_in_place(ei::matrix_t*)’:
C:\Arduino\static-test\edge-impulse-sdk\dsp\numpy.hpp:346:14: error: ‘vector’ is not a member of ‘std’
std::vector done(size+1,false);

We have a firmware repository for Arduino/ESP32 which contains a README with some Arduino configuration instructions, however, this repository is still working but there as there is no hardware acceleration available on the Arduino IDE esp32 board definition, we strongly suggest to use ESP-IDF. You can find our latest ESP32/ESP-IDF firmware here: