Arduino IDE 2.0 beta

Arduino IDE 2.0 beta is out. (on the page just go below 1.8.13) I will try it but wondering if anyone has checked if it works with Edge Impulse on windows without having to use the platform.local.txt file.

I am wondering if you can install both IDE’s on the same computer?

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Thanks for letting us know. The platform.local.txt should already have been fixed in latest 1.8 IDE as far as I know.

I can verify that I have managed to successfully compile edge impulse for Arduino nano 33 BLE using IDE 2.0 on windows “out of the box” (i.e. without needing to do any special configuration).

It should be possible to have serval versions of the Arduino IDE on the same system, provided that you download the “.zip” files and not the installers.

@Morne. Thanks for the reply. Sounds good.