Arduino Create Issue?

I created an EI account through Arduino Create. When I login through Arduino, the account properly shows my projects. If I log in to EI directly through a browser, it doesn’t show any projects. The big problem is that if I try to use edge-impulse-daemon, it connects to the account with no projects.

Actually, there seem to be two accounts with the same email address, but they have different passwords, one which authenticates through Arduino and one that authenticates through the browser/CLI.

Any idea what might be going on?

Hi @robertgallup

Arduino mltools is separate to, to offer our tools to Arduino customers. So you will have different users and projects in both.

Hope this clarifies, you can read further details here:



@Eoin Thanks for your reply! So if I understand, I now have two accounts with the same email address, one through and one directly through Their projects are separate, but there seems to be some overlap. For example, if I change my name in the profile associated with one account, it also changes my name in the other account.

And, the biggest problem, given that both mltools and edge impulse accounts have the same email address, is that the edge-impulse-daemon connects to the browser-created account rather than the Arduino-created one. I would delete the browser-created account, but I can’t see any way to do that? Or, is there a way to force the daemon to connect to the Arduino-created account?


Hello @robertgallup,

It seems that you have two separate emails, I am sending you a DM for more info.