Arduino Compilation failed

Hello, everyone. Recently, I’m trying to deploy an acceleration detection model on edge impulse platform to run on embedded devices. The model of the development board is Arduino MEGA2560, and the version of Arduino IDE is 1.8.13. I was able to successfully add the library exported from edge impulse, but there was an error at compile time. Does anyone know what’s going on?

Hi @jifly,

The ATMega2560 is a 8 bits microcontroller and not supported by our SDK.
Do you have an Arduino board with a Cortex-M0+ or more?


More specifically, we need a target that supports a C++11 compiler (and even if it had that the MEGA2560 would probably not have enough RAM…).

Thank you for your reply. I’ll try another development board again. Is there a corresponding list of supported development boards? By the way, does edge impluse support esp32cam development board? I want to do the embedded image recognition task on this platform. I don’t know if there are any detailed cases.Thank you again.

@jifly, a list of fully supported development boards (that we know work for all usecases, and come with support are here: but typically anything with a C++11 compiler works.

There’s been some discussion on ESP32Cam here: ESP32 CAM Support.