Arduino board not being detected

Hi, arduino nano ble 33 not being detected.
I have installed edge impulse cli
[^_^] Edge Impulse CLI 1.16.3 installed!

I am getting the below when i am running the flash_windows.bat batch file:

PS C:\Users\xxxxxxx\Downloads\arduino-nano-33-ble-sense> .\flash_windows.bat
You’re using an untested version of Arduino CLI, this might cause issues (found: 0.29.0, expected: 0.18.x
Finding Arduino Mbed core…
arduino:mbed 1.3.2 3.3.0 [DEPRECATED] [DEPRECATED - Please install standalone packages] Arduino Mbed OS Boards
Finding Arduino Mbed core OK
Finding Arduino Nano 33 BLE…
Cannot find a connected Arduino Nano 33 BLE development board via ‘arduino-cli board list’
If your board is connected, double-tap on the RESET button to bring the board in recovery mode
Press any key to continue . . .

the board is connected and i have reset it multiple times.

Looks like you are using the depreciated version 3.3.0.

You want version 3.5.1.

In the Ardy IDE uninstall version 3.3.0 unless you really need it and install version 3.5.1.

Hi Marcial,
the Ardy IDE has till v 3.3 which i have installed. Can you point me where i can get 3.5.1?

not sure why i am also getting the first warning with the cli

You can usually ignore the warning about your CLI being more up-to-date than the batch file expected. I haven’t had do downgrade my CLI for any of my work. I don’t even know how to get v18 of the CLI. It would be nice if the warning message could tell us where to get a previous version of the CLI.