Arduino BLE LSM9DS1 orientation data

Hi there,

I’m new to the platform. Just followed the continuous movement example and keen to get on to my own project. I want to detect when my daughter does a spin while she’s moving.

I think it would be easier to detect this with the magnetic orientation data from the LSM9DS1?

But it seems that the platform/data forwarder is only taking the accelerometer outputs.

Any thoughts on either what kind of data would be better for detecting spin, or how to enable magnetic orientation in the data forwarder?


Hi Matt,

Are you referring to Arduino Nano 33 BLE?
If yes, you can start with Data Forwarder example for Arduino 33 BLE

and Arduino magnetometer example for LSM9DS1 (it is provided on Arduino 33 BLE)

How are you planning to collect data for your use case as the MCU should be connected to a PC using USB cable?



Yes via cable. I think I know how to do it now, edit the data sender example and add the magnetic fields as well. Not tried yet though.


I’m wondering what will be your sampling setup as the length of the USB cable will limit your daughters freedom of movements.

@vlasov01 @mattvenn <-- this is maybe interesting, it uses two micro:bits to collect the data (one as the sender, another one as the receiver of the data, which then sends it into Edge Impulse).


Yes that’s a nice advantage of the wifi connected boards.
I’ll just use a long cable!

Thank you Jan! It is a nice project. I will work to reproduce its data transmission approach on Arduino Nano 33 BLE/IoT…