Arduino 33 BLE Failed to get info off device:undefined. How to fix it?

I have been updated newest version:
You’re using an untested version of Arduino CLI, this might cause issues (found: 0.20.2, expected: 0.18.x)
Finding Arduino Mbed core…
Finding Arduino Mbed OK
Finding Arduino Nano 33 BLE…
Finding Arduino Nano 33 BLE OK
Flashing board…
Device : nRF52840-QIAA
Version : Arduino Bootloader (SAM-BA extended) 2.0 [Arduino:IKXYZ]
Address : 0x0
Pages : 256
Page Size : 4096 bytes
Total Size : 1024KB
Planes : 1
Lock Regions : 0
Locked : none
Security : false
Erase flash

Done in 0.001 seconds
Write 280848 bytes to flash (69 pages)
[==============================] 100% (69/69 pages)
Done in 10.964 seconds

Flashed your Arduino Nano 33 BLE development board.
To set up your development with Edge Impulse, run ‘edge-impulse-daemon’
To run your impulse on your development board, run ‘edge-impulse-run-impulse’

Saving session…completed.

but when i run edge-impulse-run-impulse that get these error notices:
[SER] Serial is connected, trying to read config…
[SER] Failed to get info off device:undefined. Is this device running a binary built through Edge Impulse? Reconnecting in 5 seconds…

how to fix it ?

Hey Mecil,

Pardon the delayed response. If you are still seeing these issues. Are you able to properly connect to the daemon still? or does the daemon also fail. If both fail, next try directly connecting to the serial port of the arduino device (you can use Arduino IDE serial monitor, putty, etc.) and seeing what the device transmits if you type