Arduino 2.0 library zip install fail

Hi ive successfully built a motion classifier out of Studio (ex Shawn Hymel Coursera course ‘introduction-to-embedded-machine-learning’) for deployment to a Nano 33 sense.
However Arduino library install fails as attached. Have tried a few times; could the zip export be faulty, or an IDE 2.0 glitch?


Hello @hhwill571025,

We have not had time to test our current Arduino deployment on Arduino 2.0 which has just been released.
Maybe some people here from Edge Impulse community have, if so, we would be super happy to have your feedback.

In the meantime, you can still use Arduino 1.18.



Ok noted thanks. Will try 1.18 :+1:

Regarding EI Studio Arduino deployments I have seen no difference between Arduino IDE v2.0 and previous versions.

What is installZip? When you deploy an Arduino library the downloaded default filename is "<EI Studio Project Name>", e.g., ""

The unextracted installZip must have the following folder structure?