Application for marine monitoring

Hello, we are currently researching some methods to detect bomb fishing. Detection will be made under water and sensors will be attached to several fishing boats. Using EdgeImpulse/tinyML might be able to help out in classifying bomb sounds at the edge. The goal might be to only send or push data whenever a sound classified as a bomb exploding underwater. I’ll will try to conduct some more experiment on this. You guys are doing amazing works on this. May the force be with you all :). Lots of thanks.

Hi @vans, awesome usecase! Would be super interested to see what comes of this and how we could help!

Hi Jan, we are a group of researchers/biologist/tech people conducting marine conservation and fish stock management from different countries (Philippines, Indonesia, Taiwan, Mexico, and US). At the moment we are still planning the over all architecture of the system. Because of the current COVID-19 situations, our movement and logistics are at a standstill. I cannot even order some development boards to do the initial testing, although I do have some boards with me. Once we can finalize the design I’ll be posting it here along with the implementation of tinyML/Edge Impulse for bomb/dynamite fishing sound classification/identification.