API to Iterate through and Split Samples


I have 18 minutes of audio data in my Edge Impulse project that is classified and stored in 10 second segments. I am now realizing I need those segments to instead be 5 seconds, I would like to split each segment that is 10 seconds in my data set into two 5 second data segments (split right in half).

Is this possible to do with the API? I have checked the documentation for it but I cant find anything.

I saw this post:

But all the links in the answer now go to the same place:

Thanks for any possible help!

Hi @SethW,

In your Studio project, you can set the “Window size” to 5000 ms and “Window increase” to 5000 ms to get two 5-second slices from each 10-second sample.

You should be able to set these values with the Create Impulse API command.

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