Announcing Support for the Arduino Nicla Voice

Today we are excited to announce official support for the Arduino Nicla Voice development board, the latest of Arduino Pro’s industrial-grade and high-performance platforms, and the second supported by Edge Impulse in the Nicla range.

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I’m trying to deploy a model to a Nicla Voice board, but I don’t see it as a target (from the Nicla family only Vision is listed). When should we expect Voice to be available?

Hi @zugaldia

You may be trying to deploy a camera based model? The options you see will be the ones with compatible sensors.



@zugaldia @Eoin Edge Impulse supports Arduino Nicla Voice.

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Hi Eoin,

I’m trying to deploy a microphone based model and I have exactly the same problem.

Do you have an idea?

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@maxime.charriere can you please share the project ID so we can see what the configuration is for your project. Thanks!



The project ID is : 205759

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Hello @maxime.charriere,

The nicla voice is based on Syntiant.

You’ll need to use a syntiant compatible dsp block. See: Responding to your voice - Syntiant - RC Commands - Edge Impulse Documentation